I haven’t written a post in forever, but I’ve had a lot going on. I’ve been dealing with a family crisis and a lot of schoolwork. I’m not depressed in the “unbearably sad for no reason” sense, but I am down often due to my circumstances. But things between Mike and I have been more than solid. He’s been incredibly supportive and I honestly don’t know what I would have done without him. I feel like we keep getting even closer as a couple
I’ve noticed something interesting about how non-monogamy is going for us. It used to be a thing, and lately, it just sort of … hasn’t? I still hang out regularly with an outside partner, sometimes in a platonic way and sometimes not, and he hasn’t slept with anyone else lately, but he did spend some time with a girl that he had considered sleeping with (I’m under the impression that a sexual relationship with her is not likely in the immediate future, but is not off the table when things in her life are more settled). And it just has seemed normal and not worth thinking much about.
And really, that’s how it’s supposed to be. It enhances each of our lives, separately and occasionally together. And sometimes non-monogamy can complicate life. But lately, it hasn’t. I haven’t been jealous or worried that there will be something to be jealous of. I’ve even had a few passing thoughts that it would be nice for Mike to find a new partner or for him to be able to see the girl I mentioned regularly if they both wanted to. I guess I feel compersion-y. There’s really nothing new or exciting that’s happening, but the huge difference between our relationship now and our relationship a year or so ago is striking. The fact that non-monogamy can be such a matter of course for me is something to celebrate.


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