Yesterday was a good day

Yesterday was a good day. It was the type of day that makes you optimistic for your future and content with your present.

I played with dogs and saw friends. In the afternoon another friend came over and drank tea and caught up. It was great. She’s poly, and we talked about both our relationships and futures and plans. It was a lot of fun and really clarified some things for me.

When Mike got home, we talked for a long time about money of all things. But seeing our similar desires and beliefs was really nice. It made me feel less worried about my financial future. Usually things like that make me anxious, but it didn’t. It really reminded me why I fell in love with him. After that we had sex and then ate Italian ice and watched Futurama. I went to bed feeling soothed and happy. I felt like things in my life are better than I’ve been thinking they are.


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