My favorite mindfulness exercise

I think I’ve said before that I used a Dialectical Behavior Therapy workbook to help me deal with intrusive jealous thoughts when Mike slept with other people. I found some very helpful tools in there, and while I don’t rely on them as much anymore, there’s one mindfulness exercise that was always my favorite that I still use in a wide variety of situations.

The point of the exercise is to help you let go of a thought that is intrusive and persistent and that you can’t let go of. You’re supposed to visualize the thought, either as words or a picture in a peaceful nature scene and then watch them disappear. Some people imagine the thoughts as clouds floating away or leaves being scattered by the wind. I like to picture the thoughts crumbling and see the fragments being carried away by a small river or stream.

I use that one in all sorts of situations, the most obvious being when I can’t stop thinking of worst-case scenarios about non-monogamy. But I also use it just when I’m in a bad mood and can’t get a particular thought out of my head.


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