I got a compliment

I recently became one of the group leaders of my local younger crowd BDSM group. That in itself is a compliment, but that’s not the one I’m talking about. One of the former group leaders, and the guy who was the embodiment of this group when Mike and I joined the scene together, messaged me to say congratulations. Then he said that he’s happy I’m going to be involved with leadership because I’m “one of the most reasonable people” he knows. I know that sounds like a nice compliment, but maybe not one worth blogging about. But as someone with mental illnesses, I always worry about being called “crazy” or “irrational.” Being called reasonable made me feel like a normal, competent human being. And that’s pretty much my goal in life.


One thought on “I got a compliment

  1. Let me extend the compliment – based on what I’ve read on your blog so far. Yes, you are reasonable, but also remarkably well-balanced in the way you approach writing and self-reflection. I admire your writing greatly! Thanks once more for sharing!

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