A small victory, but a nice one

When I started this blog, I didn’t want to write about BDSM because it seemed exhibitionist and irrelevant to the topic. But I realize now that my style of non-monogamy is pretty tied in with kink, because so much of our openness comes in the form of doing BDSM with other people. Last night we went to a party focused on practicing rope bondage.

We had a lot of fun. Mike tied me and another girl together and experimented with a couple of ties on me and I got suspended. I’m not that big into suspensions because I get dizzy easily, and this was sort of a tricky one. Mike also tied the other girl into a shrimp tie. I was surprised by how not-jealous I was. I had a little tweak of it as he finished when he was sort of flirty/dirty talking with her, but then I got over it. After he finished the tie the two of us used her as a footstool for a little, which was fun.

As we drove home, I asked if he was proud of how I handled it and how comfortable I was with him playing with someone else. He said that he thought I was going to ask him if he was proud of how brave I was to get suspended. Luckily, he was proud of both.


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