Sweet dream

I woke up this morning from a really nice dream. In it, Mike and I were at the beach with a friend of mine and three girls we had just met. Our dog was with us and we were all hanging out and having a good time. I was trying to set Mike up with one of the new girls by encouraging them to flirt with each other and suggesting they go swim alone while I held the dog’s leash and hung out with the others. I didn’t feel threatened or jealous; I felt excited that he had a chance to have fun and proud that I was helping and I was perfectly happy to be at the beach and have nice people to talk to while he made a connection.

I woke up happy and peaceful and oddly turned on. It affected me like a sex dream, but with bonus warm fuzzy feelings.

I know that in real life, transitioning back into an open relationship will be harder than that, but I do hope that this reflects a new attitude about non-monogamy that will make it easier than it was before. In real life, though, I probably wouldn’t set Mike up with someone: I’m bad enough at managing my own social life and don’t need to inflict that on other people!


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