Get your party guests naked

In my last post, I mentioned having some people over and playing some games. After I wrote it, I figured I should share the magic of our favorite adult party game. We found this at a fetish party a couple of years ago and adopted it as our own. We call it Kinky Jenga, although you can modify it for an orgy game, a drinking game or a getting-to-know you game.

You will need:

  • A set of Jenga blocks
  • Markers
  • Poster board

Here’s what you do:

  1. Take your Jenga pieces and, using the marker, number them from one to 54. Write the number on the long part of the block, so that you can’t see which number it is when they are all stacked up in the tower.
  2. On your poster board, make a numbered list of 54 tasks. We have ones like “Lick the nipples of the person next to you,” “take a spanking from everyone in the room” or “sit out the next round in a hog tie.”
  3. Set up the Jenga tower and start to play.
  4. Each time a player pulls a block, she or he must perform the task of the corresponding number after stacking the block at the top of the tower. If anyone is unwilling to do the task, they take 10 hits with a paddle.
  5. The person who knocks over the tower takes 15 hits with a paddle.

Anyway, it’s not rocket science, but it’s a fun little game that can escalate a party and get people to participate. And by numbering the blocks, you can change the rules each time you play.


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