Quick link about emotions vs. logic

I still have no idea what to say about some of the stuff going on in my own head surrounding my relationship lately, except to say that today I’m in a better place than I was yesterday. But in the meantime I love this post by the new Dear Poly blog. It’s about how you can logically know something but still feel completely different about it.

You can feel emotions 100% contrary to your actual intellectual beliefs about a situation.  You can feel secure intellectually and threatened emotionally.  In these moments you need to know that though you feel pissed your relationship isn’t in trouble.

The blog is new and I’m still getting the feel of it, but I liked this post a lot. It really resonated with me. I feel like Mike and I have been through so much that I have no excuse for feeling insecure in my relationship. I know he is very committed to me. I thought that when I finally understood this, my jealousy would ease up. But sometimes, it’s still really hard. And now I have better words to explain why.


One thought on “Quick link about emotions vs. logic

  1. I’m glad you liked the article. Poly is such a tough road sometimes. It helps to know there are lots of us all dealing with the same issues. Hope you and Mike keep strong.

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